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What can marketers learn from a badly stuffed animal?

When you work in social media, you can sometimes get carried away with strategy, research and planning. You think about the rules and the etiquette of each platform, how to drive incremental ROI, push traffic towards ecommerce sites, how to engage users through branded content and spend time training staff on the correct implementation of a social strategy. Campaign deliverables are agreed and verified, messaging is sense checked, a go-live date is established… but at the end of the day, social media is random.

The “rules” which apply elsewhere somehow go out of the window if you manage to stumble upon one great, shareable, hilarious theme which shapes your content. The go-to reference here is Lolcats. Or @Shitmydadsays. When I stumble upon golddust like this glorious Facebook page dedicated to Badly Stuffed Animals it reaffirms the fact that social media is really about people coming together to share experiences with each other, and brands which help to facilitate that are the ones who will really win in social media.

On the same note, I am a massive fan of the bizarre and wonderful efforts of Skittles, particularly on Facebook.


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