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Kenneth Cole – The only thing that’s black and white is the social media fail

Kenneth Cole social media fail

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and it seems that Kenneth Cole has managed to prove that this old adage may be true. The brand is perhaps best known in social media spheres for that tweet which piggybacked on the media attention around the political unrest in Egypt to sell his new collection.

Not content with upsetting social media users once, this time the company has launched a campaign microsite called Where Do You Stand, which is a clumsy, if not downright offensive attempt at boiling down complex and emotive issues such as beliefs on abortion, gay rights, war, and gun possession to simple “yes” or “no” questions.

The campaign is a cheap and ugly attempt to capitalise on the strong feelings people have on these subjects in order to shift Kenneth Cole’s expensive threads, and has begun to draw the ire of some users who are calling the brand out on this.

It’s another cheap trick from KC, but we can hardly say we expected better…


Pimp My Ride – Volkswagen Date Drive

In the social media sphere, the question of ROI has become something of a hot topic. Monitoring, measuring and ultimately monetizing online activity is widely regarded as the holy grail of corporate digital activity. Demographic targeting is also one of the big issues that brands must face to create successful strategies – we are finally beginning to see a shift away from automatically aiming to have “the most Facebook fans” towards a more reflective approach – asking “What is the value of a Facebook fan?”

Volkswagen claim that driving a Polo GTI boosts your chances of date success

Volkswagen South Africa have recently launched a new campaign which quite succinctly addresses both of these issues. The “Date Drive” microsite invites users to apply for test drive of the Polo GTI to use on a date, on the basis of their claim that driving the new GTI makes you 23.5% more attractive to the opposite sex. The site uses a quiz mechanic to ask about the user’s success rates on dates, before inviting them to submit their details for a test drive. Their responses are then compared with national statistics alongside the statistics of other “Date Drive” applicants. The campaign speaks directly to the target audience, enabling Volkswagen to legitimately speak to young, image-conscious drivers whilst also directly generating location-specific sales leads with a generous helping of data capture. If the campaign is successful, it could easily be reskinned for other cities or territories.

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