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Capello’s Wedding Dilemma

I was amused to read that Fabio Capello went to the England – Spain friendly match yesterday instead of attending his son’s wedding. The match was delayed, and should have been played the night before, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for his wife Laura and of course, his son Pierfilippo. Here’s a little ditty I penned…

Fabio Capello
To his son’s wedding he did not go
Instead he chose to watch his rivals, Spain
Take on England in a friendly game

The first half was a barren wasteland
Spain attacking, Capello wishing he’d brought Ferdinand
Milner’s set piece was a quick release
Lampard nodded it home
While Laura Ghisi stood in the church alone

The wedding in Milan was the measure of the man
England won 1-0
But Fabio scored an own goal

Poor Pierfilippo, poor Pierfilippo, poor Pierfilippo Capello


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