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The Long Tail Game for Twitter

Content on Twitter is fast-moving and most tweets have an incredibly short shelf life. It means that you can easily miss the diamonds in the rough, and that the majority of content (i.e almost anything posted by users who do not have thousands of followers to retweet their messages), is quickly swept away.

Through Twitter’s own search function, it is only possible to access tweets from the last week or two, or for an even shorter period of time depending on the volume of Tweets returned for your search term.

Here’s a game I made up on the commute home, to stretch the short tail of Twitter and give old tweets a chance:

Visit the profile of someone you follow on Twitter. They must have less than 1k followers.

Click through to their “favourite tweets”*, and scroll through until you find one you find interesting (the older the tweet, the better, but it must be at least 1 week old).

Add the words “Long Tail” to the message, and retweet.

You have successfully given new life to an old tweet 🙂

*If the user has no favourited tweets, you can unfollow them 😛

Twitter Litter

I’m a social magpie. That means if there is something shiny happening in social media, I want to try it out. Whether that means visiting The Times website to find out if I’m a Word Nerd, checking out lists of influencers on PeerIndex, or using my Facebook account to sign up for Empire Avenue and sell myself on the virtual stock exchange: basically, if it’s new, I want to try it.

But trying out so many apps, games and betas for obscure startups means granting permissions to these third parties. These permissions can range from reading elements of data in my account (such as tweets), to the ability to post tweets from my account without ever asking me permission after I have initially granted it. So if there’s one thing you do on Twitter today, log into your account, click on “settings”

Then from the “settings” menu, click “applications” to view the full list of third party apps you have granted permissions to.

If you don’t recognise it, no longer use it, or are just horrified that an app tweeted through your account without explicitly seeking your permission (here’s looking at you, TheWorld’sMostExclusiveWebsite!!), simply click “revoke access” and you’re back in control – phew!

Are your Twitter followers trying to kill you? is a new Twitter game which takes the well-proven Zynga formula of Mafia-based games, mixes it up with a bit of Burger King’s Sacrifice your friends for a Whopper, then throws in a measure of internet memes by way of Rick Rolling. Therefore in theory, it is the perfect game. Try it out!

Verified But Vacant

On my travels across the internet today, I noticed something bizarre. I stumbled across this (verified) Twitter account:

It seems that @FordEurope doesn't have anything to say for itself

Ford is one of the brands really making a name for itself in social media, with great campaigns like the Fiesta Movement, and pioneering clever, innovative partnerships which have produced technology / social media combinations including AJ the Fiesta. And of course, they have Scott Monty at the helm of their social media campaigns – a man who has almost as many Twitter followers as Ford itself!

Of course, @FordUK exists, but beyond this weak attempt at a Twitter account (it doesn’t even have a custom background to call its own), the company doesn’t really seem to engage in social media with the same enthusiasm here as with our transatlantic friends. This isn’t a cheap jab at Ford, but a story which seems true of so many international brands – most major social media campaigns seem to have the US market as their target. Is it that us Brits are slower to adopt new technologies, or are we just being left out out of the loop?

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