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Twitter Litter

I’m a social magpie. That means if there is something shiny happening in social media, I want to try it out. Whether that means visiting The Times website to find out if I’m a Word Nerd, checking out lists of influencers on PeerIndex, or using my Facebook account to sign up for Empire Avenue and sell myself on the virtual stock exchange: basically, if it’s new, I want to try it.

But trying out so many apps, games and betas for obscure startups means granting permissions to these third parties. These permissions can range from reading elements of data in my account (such as tweets), to the ability to post tweets from my account without ever asking me permission after I have initially granted it. So if there’s one thing you do on Twitter today, log into your account, click on “settings”

Then from the “settings” menu, click “applications” to view the full list of third party apps you have granted permissions to.

If you don’t recognise it, no longer use it, or are just horrified that an app tweeted through your account without explicitly seeking your permission (here’s looking at you, TheWorld’sMostExclusiveWebsite!!), simply click “revoke access” and you’re back in control – phew!


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